Donald Duck-Der Fuehrer’s Face

This is a short film Disney made in 1942 called, “Der Fuehrer’s Face.” It was used as propaganda. Donald Duck is having a nightmare about working in a factory in Naziland. If you notice in the video, swastikas are everywhere, like the shapes of the clouds. At the end, Donald Duck says that “it’s good to be a citizen of the United States.” courtesy of … [Read more...]

Three Stooges

This 1944 Stooge short features the Three Stooges entertaining people working in a shipyard. Motion pictures, such as this one, provide morale for people at the homefront. … [Read more...]

Barney Bear’s Victory Garden

Barney Bear is doing his patriotic duty by establishing his own victory garden. However, he encounters trouble when a gopher wants to eat most of his produce. During World War II, people grew their own food. There are brief facial appearances of Hitler and Mussolini. … [Read more...]

Woody the Woodpecker

In this Woody Woodpecker “Cartune,” Woody ignored gas and tire rationing by “salvaging” gasoline from damaged cars. Unfortunately, he found a good source of it from a well-worked police car. This cartoon was popular because there was a lot of people who did not have second thoughts on taking their leisure trips and resisted the rationing. People of that time believed that only crazy people would stand up to police. … [Read more...]

Superman and the War Effort

This is a World War II propaganda film made in 1942. Superman takes part in the war effort to destroy parts of Japan. Clark and Lois are imprisoned reporters and Superman gets the Japanese ruffled up. He knocks their ships into the ocean. He takes down the ships so easily; a whole American ship could do the same. It shows that Americans need to take an active participation in the war. … [Read more...]

Supervising Women Workers

This video, although somewhat long, is very important insight into how society viewed women during WWII on the home front. The manager of a factory was interviewed and the blatant sexism is astounding. He talked about how “they” (meaning women) do not understand the first thing about technology. This video went well with the article that we read by Gluck. Sexism was a major problem during WWII on the home front. Kerkow (Herbert) Productions, “Supervising Women Workers,”  1944. … [Read more...]

Children Create Art in World War II Kaiser Shipyard Childcare Centers

This is a video of Kaiser Shipyard childcare centers. It promotes the unifying ideologies for America. Women can work in the shipyards and industries while their children are taken care of, learning that they will grow up to do their part as well. “Children Create Art in World War II Kaiser Shipyard Childcare Centers.” Kaiser Permanente. (accessed November 12, … [Read more...]

The Entertainment Industry and World War II

This short film showed how the entertainment industry participated in the war effort. Although it was distributed by 20th Century Fox, this “March of Time” newsreel was a collaboration between studios, directors, and actors. … [Read more...]

Hemp Farmers

This film clip shows farmers during World War II how to grow hemp when other raw materials used to make rope and clothing were in short supply. … [Read more...]

Syphilis Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement out of California about syphilis and the dangers of venereal disease. At the time of the video, the Tuskegee syphilis study was going on in Alabama, which is a whole other issue, but the fact that there’s a ‘watch out for syphilis’ PSA is almost paradoxical. The  video is introduced in a conversation like format between public health officials, seated at desks and authoritatively speak on syphilis. … [Read more...]