Zelda Newsome Interview

Zelda Newsome was born on October 28, 1928 in Reedville Virginia. She spent most of her childhood moving from one small rural waterfront town to the next in the Northern Neck area of Virginia. Her fondest childhood memories come from her time spent in West Point, Virginia. Her father was the manager of an ABC store and then went on to work for Safeway Grocery. Mrs. Newsome was a young girl during the war years and recalls the affects of rationing on her and her family. Zelda Newsome … [Read more...]

Interview with Marianne Rollins

Marianne Rollins was born on July 4, 1932 in Little Rock, Arkansas, and grew up during the WWII era. During the war both her mother and father ran their family-owned store. Although her father was exempt from the war due to his age, Marianne's uncles were both called to serve during the war; providing insight into the effects that the war had on families throughout the United States. Moreover, her personal narrative recounts the significant social and economic changes the war had within … [Read more...]

Ruth Weaver Interview

Interview with Ruth Weaver- Oral History from UMW History on Vimeo.   Ruth Weaver was born December 1909, to a small family in Kerrville, Texas. As a child she attended primary school. After graduating from High School Ruth married Joel Watson. Subsequently remarrying twice and taking a job as a secretary for General Motors she met John van Ostrand Weaver, the love of her life. She enjoyed working at home and taking care of her family. … [Read more...]

Maryanna Meade Interview

Interview with Maryanna Meade- Oral History from UMW History on Vimeo.                     Maryanna Meade was born March 10th, 1920 to a small family in Pueblo, Colorado. As child, Maryanna was fortunate to attend school for an education. After graduating from High School, Maryanna attended nursing school and met her husband on duty. Maryanna enjoyed traveling with her husband when he was not in service … [Read more...]

John Cain Interview

John Cain Interview from UMW History on Vimeo.   John Cain was born in 1927 and experienced the Great Depression and World War II in the United States.  He remembered that almost everyone in his community lost their jobs during the depression.  He also remembered how it effected his family directly.  Mr. Cain grew up in Summerville, Massachusetts where a large number of Irish, Italian and French Americans lived.  Mr. Cain expressed ethnic tensions between these groups.  Mr. Cain held … [Read more...]

Robert Torgler Interview

  Biographical Information: Robert H. Torgler was born in Canton, Ohio in 1928. His mother worked as a homemaker while his father worked in the railroad industry. Robert Torgler went to high school in a primarily white community and embraced living in an industrial city. During World War II his father was exempt from service given his line of work.  His contribution to the war effort consisted of assembling helmet liners as a factory worker. Robert Torgler also worked as a paperboy … [Read more...]

Eleanor Donnelly

Eleanor Donnelly was born on August 13th, 1928 in Binghamton, New York to Grace and Ray Clark.  Eleanor describes her school experiences and what growing up during World War II was like.  She discusses the rationing, war bonds, and how she took a class to become a “messenger” during the war.  Her family was also in contact with a Jewish family that lived in Germany during WWII and is able to talk about that a little bit too.  Eleanor makes a point of saying how much the war impacted everyone and … [Read more...]

Alice Clarke Interview

  Biographical Information: Alice Clarke was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in the year of 1928. She grew up with three other siblings, two whom served in the war. Her father worked in insurance and her mother was a homemaker. Alice was in high school during the war and experienced the effects of the war in numerous ways, including losing a family member. She lived in Lynchburg for over two decades before getting married and starting a family with her husband who also served in the war. … [Read more...]

Denise Black

[vimeo width="320" height="180"] Denise Lehrkind Black was born in Bozeman, Montana in 1936 to Herman and Jean Lehrkind.  Her father owned an ice cream store and her mother was a homemaker.  She describes how the rationing of sugar and gasoline affected her family and their business, and race relations in Montana at the time.  There is also some mention of the changes that occurred as the veterans came back and how that affected the community. Transcript Denise Black … [Read more...]

Ruby Butler Interview

Ruby Butler Transcript-PDF Ruby Butler was born on July 22, 1925 in Richmond, Virginia. Her father died when she was a teenager, so her mother became the sole provider for the family. In 1943, Ruby married Raymond, the day after he was inducted into the Army. Much of her war experiences on the home-front are shaped through her husband being a soldier. Interview with Ruby Butler Interviewer: Kelsey Matthews Transcriber: Kelsey Matthews [Interview #1: October 22, … [Read more...]