Katie Jones Interview

  Katie Jones was born in 1916 and grew up in Coalwood West Virginia.  She lived through both the Great Depression and World War II and shares her experiences in the interview.  Katie Jones also saw the the hardships of segregation in her town.  She noted that she lived in a black community cut off from the whites and foreigners.  In her community she worked as a house cleaner while raising her kids.  She saw the war from a segregated point of view which led to a really interesting inter … [Read more...]

Interview with Carey M. Whitefield Jr.

Carey grew up in a very poor family during the Great Depression. He was born on November 6th, 1921. He worked in the navy yard, navy and the Naval Research Laboratory. He loved his wife and two children dearly. Carey Whitfield requested that the transcript and recording of his interview be available only to researchers who visit the UMW campus. For access to the interview transcript or recording please contact Jess Rigelhaupt, jmr(at)umw.edu.     … [Read more...]

Interview with Stanley E. Clausen

Stanley was born July 20th,1922. He was raised by his grandparents.Stanley worked in the National Guard and in the army. He loved his wife and two children dearly. Stanley Clausen Interview Transcript2 Stanley%20Clausen%20Interview%20%232.mp3     … [Read more...]

“Mickey” Gompf Interview

Mildred “Mickey” Gompf transferred to Virginia Polytechnic Institute before Pearl Harbor was attacked. She took a two-year postponement to marry and be with her husband, George. She tells of her time in Washington D.C. in the last year of the war. Duration: 1.2 hours. … [Read more...]

Jane Schwarz Interview

Hannah Jane Schwarz moved from Hampton Bays, Long Island to New York City in the 1930s. She worked in a traditional career at the Hotel Pennsylvania at 34th Street and 7th Avenue until she retired. She tells of her time during WWII as a switchboard-operator at Hotel Pennsylvania and about how she met her husband there. Duration: 1.2 hours. Jane Schwarz Interview PDF Transcript Jane Schwarz Interviewer: Alex Brudno Date of Interview: 10/6/2012 Interview with Jane … [Read more...]

Marge Dickson Interview

Marge Dickson lived in Philadelphia during the WWII Home Front. Her father's service in the Navy greatly impacted her family during the war. She moved to Fredericksburg with her husband Jack in the 1960s. Marge Dickson Transcript   … [Read more...]

Jack Dickson Interview

  Jack Dickson was born in suburban Philadelphia in 1930. He remembers the rationing system very well and he contributed to the war effort by making ammo boxes for the Navy. He moved to the Washington D.C. area in his mid thirties. He now lives with his wife Marge in Fredericksburg, VA. Jack Dickson Transcript   … [Read more...]

Lillian Mills Interview

Lillian Mills was born on December 23, 1921 in Caroline Country Virginia. She was raised in Caroline on her parents farm and lived the typical country lifestyle. They grew produce, such as tobacco and cucumbers and that was the main income for her family. Her family's farm land was taken from them by the government to be used for Fort A.P. Hill. Mrs. Mills and her family did well through the war and felt little effects from rationing. She married her high school sweetheart and they started a l … [Read more...]

Mary Oakey Interview

Mary Oakey Interview- Oral History from UMW History on Vimeo. Mary Oakey was born in 1919 in Pennsylvania. Her difficulties during her childhood made her independent after she found a job. She remembers that time of her life as being the best time of her life. Although she recognized the sadness of the war, she chose for it not to affect her personal situation. … [Read more...]

Claudean Lindhorst Interview

Claudean Lindhorst Interview- Oral History from UMW History on Vimeo. Claudean Lindhorst was born in 1927 in Texas. She moved to California, following her mother, and found her husband. She worked at the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company throughout the war. She recollects her experiences of wartime life and of the communities where she lived. Claudean Lindhorst remembers her home front experience as a time of service and productivity. … [Read more...]