Doris Stefaniga

Doris Stefaniga was born on October 10th, 1930 and is from Stafford, Virginia.  She is the daughter of Benjamin Franklin Mills and Laura Perks Mills, both of Spotsylvania. She grew up in the rural community of Spotsylvania, Virginia where she went to Chancellor Elementary and High School. Following her high school graduation in 1947 she went to work at Gayle Motor company for two years where she worked in the office doing secretarial work. Following her job at Gayle Motor Company Mrs. Stefaniga … [Read more...]

Barbara Gillis

Barbara Ann Gillis was born on August 18th, 1916 in Brookline, Massachusetts to the parents of Jay James McCue and Mary Christine Coakely. She grew up in a single parent home, her father having died when she was four years old, as the middle of three children. She graduated from Brookline High School in 1934. Following graduation she held jobs in her high school's cafeteria, as a cashier at a restaurant, a book keeping position at a specialty shop, and did secretarial work for John Hancock … [Read more...]

The Entertainment Industry and World War II

This short film showed how the entertainment industry participated in the war effort. Although it was distributed by 20th Century Fox, this “March of Time” newsreel was a collaboration between studios, directors, and actors. … [Read more...]

Hemp Farmers

This film clip shows farmers during World War II how to grow hemp when other raw materials used to make rope and clothing were in short supply. … [Read more...]

Syphilis Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement out of California about syphilis and the dangers of venereal disease. At the time of the video, the Tuskegee syphilis study was going on in Alabama, which is a whole other issue, but the fact that there’s a ‘watch out for syphilis’ PSA is almost paradoxical. The  video is introduced in a conversation like format between public health officials, seated at desks and authoritatively speak on syphilis. … [Read more...]

Mrs. Miniver Trailer

The focus of this film is on a British family during the first few months of World War II. The movie was shown in theaters in the United States and was popular among theater goers. … [Read more...]

Edward Murrow London Broadcast, 1942

This is a 1942 broadcast from London by Edward Murrow. The way Murrow presents this broadcast from London, he’s trying to allow the listener to visualize what London may look like. The actual broadcast is interesting because of Murrow’s ability to transport the listener to London. Also, the broadcast is relatively short, which helps keep listeners attention. … [Read more...]

Donald Duck Pays his Income Taxes

This cartoon encouraged many patriotic Americans to pay their income tax in defeating the Axis. … [Read more...]