Lillian Mills Interview

Lillian Mills was born on December 23, 1921 in Caroline Country Virginia. She was raised in Caroline on her parents farm and lived the typical country lifestyle. They grew produce, such as tobacco and cucumbers and that was the main income for her family. Her family's farm land was taken from them by the government to be used for Fort A.P. Hill. Mrs. Mills and her family did well through the war and felt little effects from rationing. She married her high school sweetheart and they started a … [Read more...]

Zelda Newsome Interview

Zelda Newsome was born on October 28, 1928 in Reedville Virginia. She spent most of her childhood moving from one small rural waterfront town to the next in the Northern Neck area of Virginia. Her fondest childhood memories come from her time spent in West Point, Virginia. Her father was the manager of an ABC store and then went on to work for Safeway Grocery. Mrs. Newsome was a young girl during the war years and recalls the affects of rationing on her and her family. Zelda Newsome … [Read more...]