Marge Dickson Interview

Marge Dickson lived in Philadelphia during the WWII Home Front. Her father's service in the Navy greatly impacted her family during the war. She moved to Fredericksburg with her husband Jack in the 1960s. Marge Dickson Transcript   … [Read more...]

Jack Dickson Interview

  Jack Dickson was born in suburban Philadelphia in 1930. He remembers the rationing system very well and he contributed to the war effort by making ammo boxes for the Navy. He moved to the Washington D.C. area in his mid thirties. He now lives with his wife Marge in Fredericksburg, VA. Jack Dickson Transcript   … [Read more...]

Home Front Contributions and Sacrifices

Homefront Contributions and Sacrifices from  UMW History on Vimeo. A short documentary on the contributions and sacrifices made by those living on the home front during the war. All photos within the video can be found at: National Archives, Library of Congress or Oregon State Archives Exhibit Home Front Contributions and Sacrifices video provided by Vimeo … [Read more...]