Eleanor Donnelly

Eleanor Donnelly was born on August 13th, 1928 in Binghamton, New York to Grace and Ray Clark.  Eleanor describes her school experiences and what growing up during World War II was like.  She discusses the rationing, war bonds, and how she took a class to become a “messenger” during the war.  Her family was also in contact with a Jewish family that lived in Germany during WWII and is able to talk about that a little bit too.  Eleanor makes a point of saying how much the war impacted everyone and … [Read more...]

Denise Black

[vimeo width="320" height="180"] Denise Lehrkind Black was born in Bozeman, Montana in 1936 to Herman and Jean Lehrkind.  Her father owned an ice cream store and her mother was a homemaker.  She describes how the rationing of sugar and gasoline affected her family and their business, and race relations in Montana at the time.  There is also some mention of the changes that occurred as the veterans came back and how that affected the community. Transcript Denise Black In … [Read more...]