Robert Torgler Interview

  Biographical Information: Robert H. Torgler was born in Canton, Ohio in 1928. His mother worked as a homemaker while his father worked in the railroad industry. Robert Torgler went to high school in a primarily white community and embraced living in an industrial city. During World War II his father was exempt from service given his line of work.  His contribution to the war effort consisted of assembling helmet liners as a factory worker. Robert Torgler also worked as a paperboy … [Read more...]

Alice Clarke Interview

  Biographical Information: Alice Clarke was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in the year of 1928. She grew up with three other siblings, two whom served in the war. Her father worked in insurance and her mother was a homemaker. Alice was in high school during the war and experienced the effects of the war in numerous ways, including losing a family member. She lived in Lynchburg for over two decades before getting married and starting a family with her husband who also served in the war. … [Read more...]