Jeanne Wexler Interview

Jeanne Wexler was born June 28, 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in a traditional home. Her mother was a housewife and her father was a furrier-someone who manufactures furs. She has one sister, Sylvia. Since Ms. Wexler's family was fairly wealthy, they were not hit by the Depression. However, Ms. Wexler was very affected by it. She saw people in her neighborhood suffer. This led her to work at Woolworth's, a five and ten cents store, throughout high school. She remembers the war very … [Read more...]

Irene Kingsbury

                Irene Kingsbury was born on February 28, 1928 in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up in a financially stable and traditional family. Her mother was a housekeeper and her father was a doctor. Ms. Kingsbury has one sister, Janice. Her family was unaffected by the Great Depression and Ms. Kingsbury never worked during the war. She graduated high school on D-Day in June 1944, which she recalled as a day filled with mixed … [Read more...]

Anti-Semitism in Soviet Union

This primary source is an interview with a bunch of people who experienced anti-semitism in the Soviet Union around the time of World War II.  It was done by the Boulder Oral History Program at the University of Colorado Boulder.  I think whenever you see that it is done by a University it gives it a little more credibility. Anti-Semtism in Soviet Union … [Read more...]

My Japan

This 1945 film, having the intent to sell war bonds,  reveals an underlying motive and glimpse into anti-Japanese propaganda. The film provides an insight into many ways in which government attempted to shape public opinion (i.e. spark collective mistrust/hatred) toward the Japanese  during the onset of war. After reading some of the recent interviews I found this film most shocking in revealing the intense racism that was apparently present. In many of the interviews people did not seem to … [Read more...]

Vietnam War Veteran’s

The primary source that I found this week is from the Library of Congress and their Veterans History Project.  This specific site interviews Vietnam Veterans.  They include people from all different military branches and an array of audio and/or video recordings.  It documents their time in the war and the effects that the war has had on them. Vietnam War Veteran's … [Read more...]

Three Stooges

This 1944 Stooge short features the Three Stooges entertaining people working in a shipyard. Motion pictures, such as this one, provide morale for people at the homefront. … [Read more...]

Barney Bear’s Victory Garden

Barney Bear is doing his patriotic duty by establishing his own victory garden. However, he encounters trouble when a gopher wants to eat most of his produce. During World War II, people grew their own food. There are brief facial appearances of Hitler and Mussolini. … [Read more...]

Woody the Woodpecker

In this Woody Woodpecker “Cartune,” Woody ignored gas and tire rationing by “salvaging” gasoline from damaged cars. Unfortunately, he found a good source of it from a well-worked police car. This cartoon was popular because there was a lot of people who did not have second thoughts on taking their leisure trips and resisted the rationing. People of that time believed that only crazy people would stand up to police. … [Read more...]

Supervising Women Workers

This video, although somewhat long, is very important insight into how society viewed women during WWII on the home front. The manager of a factory was interviewed and the blatant sexism is astounding. He talked about how “they” (meaning women) do not understand the first thing about technology. This video went well with the article that we read by Gluck. Sexism was a major problem during WWII on the home front. Kerkow (Herbert) Productions, “Supervising Women Workers,”  1944. … [Read more...]

Children Create Art in World War II Kaiser Shipyard Childcare Centers

This is a video of Kaiser Shipyard childcare centers. It promotes the unifying ideologies for America. Women can work in the shipyards and industries while their children are taken care of, learning that they will grow up to do their part as well. “Children Create Art in World War II Kaiser Shipyard Childcare Centers.” Kaiser Permanente. (accessed November 12, … [Read more...]