Interview with Marianne Rollins

Marianne Rollins was born on July 4, 1932 in Little Rock, Arkansas, and grew up during the WWII era. During the war both her mother and father ran their family-owned store. Although her father was exempt from the war due to his age, Marianne's uncles were both called to serve during the war; providing insight into the effects that the war had on families throughout the United States. Moreover, her personal narrative recounts the significant social and economic changes the war had within … [Read more...]

“The Thrifty Pig”

    "In 1941 Walt Disney produced this short film, which promotes Canadian War Bonds, for the Canadian government."   … [Read more...]

Rationing and Recycling

Using various personal WWII narratives, this video documents the ways in which Americans on the homefront contributed significantly to the war effort through rationing and recycling resources. … [Read more...]