Assorted Memories of World War II

Assorted Memories of World War II from UMW History on Vimeo.

This video was made with clips from interviews conducted with Barbara Gillis, Doris Stefaniga, Jeanne Wexler, Irene Kingsbury, Ellie Hauschild, and Ruby Butler. The interviewers were Kendall Simonpietri, Arielle Carrick, and Kelsey Matthews. For this documentary, the topics covered range from marriage, rationing, air raids, and end-of-war celebrations. The personal experience of being on the home-front during World War II really comes through in this documentary.


The images can be found in order of appearance: First Image of Married Couple , Second Image of Married Couple, V-Mail Poster, V-Mail is Speed Mail Poster, V-Mail Letter, Of Course I Can Poster, Ration Stamp, Do With Less Poster, War Ration Book Four, Blackout Curtains, Car BlackoutWar Ends, Waving the Flag, Kiss in Times Square, We Did It Again.